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Your Guide to Foot Traffic Trends

Location data has become an essential tool for marketers to discover, understand, and reach consumers with relevance.  With increased pressure from disruptive business models and a new generation of consumers up for grabs, it's critical for marketers to leverage both digital and real-world insights to fuel successful online and offline campaigns.  Download PlaceIQ's Year in Location reports to learn about the trends and insights that shaped key industries in 2018, and how to execute on winning location-based strategies.

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The Year in Location: Retail

From value stores to luxury splurges, 2018 was a competitive year for retail - and we've got the insights to show who won the day (Black Friday, of course).  Download the report to see our analysis on tax-free weekends and last minute holiday surges, paired with location-driven media ideas and more tactical recommendations.

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The Year in Location: Dining

Do niche, cult-favorite burgers really compete with iconic fast food favorites? Can cannabis legalization inspire QSR campaign success? What else happened in the dining industry in 2018? Download the report to see how dining brands are getting a larger slice of the pie with location-driven insights. 

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The Year in Location: Travel

The hotel industry can be an excellent indicator of travel health, so for a look back at the year's travel trends, we explore  which cost conscious hotels bring in the most visits, where premium brands have the highest loyalty, and who is winning the extended stay loyalists. And don't miss the new research: How Airbnb traveler habits differ from traditional hotel goers.

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