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Groundbreaking data solution unlocks consumer insights and transforms business decisions

For the first time, PlaceIQ is providing access to premier movement and audience data through a solution called LandMark. This offering enables enhanced insights and in-house analytics for advertisers, brands, financial firms, publishers, consulting firms and more. These entities can now apply location-derived insights across a wide range of key business decisions. For example:

  • Advertisers can leverage sophisticated customer analytics to power longer term strategies across display, mobile, television, and more

  • Brands can harness insights to inform merchandising, customer segmentation, retail site selection, competitive positioning, and more

  • Financial Firms can analyze real-world foot traffic to stay apprised and ahead of market trends, and drive new and unique investment strategies

Available via subscription or license, LandMark has been designed to offer flexibility. For example, LandMark can be accessed via a client's own business intelligence tools, PlaceIQ's interface, pre-packaged reports or through an API. 

PlaceIQ will be offering beta availability for LandMark in January, 2017. Please reach out to us directly for more information.